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Mieli ry: How to talk about mental health and climate crisis?

The physical impact of the climate crisis is impossible to ignore, but new studies show that we should be concerned about people’s mental health hit by the reality of the climate crisis. Both the acute and chronic mental health effects of climate change have risen sharply in the past decade. Recognising that emotions are often what leads people to act, it is crucial that we start talking about eco-anxiety and other emotions related to the climate crisis. 

Nyyti ry, Tunne ry ja Mieli ry are collaborating in a new STEA-funded initiative called Ympäristöahdistuksen mieli. The initiative aims to provide possibilities for groups and individuals to process their emotions and thoughts related to climate and environmental changes and the uncertainty of the future. Måndag is helping the initiative to build a world where no one is left alone with their environmental emotions. Together with three organizations we design an insightful and influential campaign that provides a safe space for everyone and all emotions. 

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