Change starts on Mondays.

Måndag is where creativity, marketing, journalism, activism and action meet and merge. We help organisations and businesses focus on what really matters, creating a setting for content and, above all, for actions that are clearing the path for everyone towards a better and more sustainable society.

  • Environment

    Our finite planet cannot handle infinite growth. Måndag is here to help you to review the current actions and do things more responsibly tomorrow than we are doing today.

  • Human Rights

    We are all about challenging the status quo, reshuffling power structures and transforming institutions. About doing.

  • Urban Culture

    Art has the power to express a diverse range of viewpoints. We believe in collaboration and value sharing ideas.


  • Research

    Do you know what is thought of your brand? We do customer surveys to provide you with data and insight concerning your brand, service or product. So you don’t have to guess.

  • Strategy

    Do you have tools and processes to achieve your sustainable goals? We do brand, service and partnership strategies within the framework of sustainability. So you would have a clear roadmap.

  • Activation

    Do you “speak sustainability”? We do acts, campaigns and events that manifest your words into fierce action. So instead of just words, you would really make a difference.

  • Education

    Do you have all the knowledge you need concerning sustainability or human rights? If not, we are your advisory board, therapist, motivator, listener for you or your whole staff.