Call us
a bunch of

but we think positive change is unstoppable.

Måndag approach

Everyone loves short to-do lists. ours only has four things.

P.S. This is also our process for creating sustainable change.

Granted, it’s the four hardest things we could pick – but who said change will be easy?

  • 1.

    Break down walls

    Between public, private and NGOs. We all gain from combining our forces.

  • 2.

    Act local, impact global

    Spark change where it is most urgently needed. We’re starting from East-Africa, Middle-East and India.

  • 3.

    Shift power

    To us all – listen to people whose lives are most at stake.

  • 4.

    Think long-term act now

    The leaders of tomorrow are the ones who take the boldest leaps today with long-term in mind.

Experts of Impact.

Måndag is a creative change agency where marketing, strategy, journalism, activism and action merge. We help organisations and businesses focus on what really matters to create change where it’s most needed.

Over the past decade, Måndag has gained a pioneer status in turning sustainability into a competitive advantage while growing considerable deep expertise and strong networks internationally.



    To ensure that all stakeholders strive for the same sustainable future, we build engaging, transparent, and understandable transition mappings. This work gives guidance for internal and external communications.

    Through this we can also support the board, executives and organization to walk the talk: We do research and education to boost the implementation of your transition vision.

  • Shared Actions

    To speed up the change, it is important to get the public sector, private sector and NGOs to build strategic collaboration. We both create engaging partnership strategies and link parties together through our extensive networks across sectors and countries.

    We also educate people affected by societal/environmental issues to take impactful action from their respective positions. This work has to be supported by diverse actors.

  • Impactful Branding

    To make a strategy stand out, it requires aligned branding. Our expertise lies in developing brand strategies that bring the purpose of the organization or a specific action alive.

    Our process involves identifying the brand’s core beliefs, mission, vision, and messaging and then determining the appropriate personality and tone of voice that will ultimately lead to a successful marketing plan. Additionally, we are equipped to design brand identities that accurately reflect these key elements.


  • Creative solutions

    To activate the audience, we create action plans for engagingly reaching different target groups. Through long-term communication partnerships, we aim to maximise the power of collaboration while mitigating the risks of miscommunication and greenwashing.

    Additionally, we work with a network of creative specialists to design unique launch campaigns, concepts, and actions.

(Some of our favorite)

Shared Actions

Our four-point to-do-list in action, from Iraq to Ulanbataar and Kenya to Koichi

Our creative solutions are powered by our deep expertise in strategic thinking (both public and private sector),  sustainable development, and human rights activism.

We bring actors from public and private sectors together to launch Shared Actions that push all of us towards long-term sustainable solutions, starting today.

  • Public X Private
    Shared Actions

    Brands, first the bad news: you can’t market your way to sustainability and inclusivity. It requires true change. The good news? Economic viability and planetary well-being are not at odds: they go hand in hand. (Plus guess what’s really expensive? Running your business from under water.)

    Traditionally, the public and private sector have been building different futures. That’s a mind boggling waste of time and resources. We take our deep knowledge of both sectors to launch Shared Actions that push all of us towards more sustainable solutions.

  • Change where it's most needed
    Human Climate Crisis

    We can only fight the climate crisis if we fight for human rights at the same time. Here, it’s all about location, location, location: change isn’t happening fast enough where it most urgently needs to happen. That’s why we’re working with like-hearted partners all over the world to spark the biggest possible change in the shortest possible time (and also why our office will never be in NY or Brussels – no offence).

  • Shift Power to us all
    We can’t afford not to

    This isn’t rocket science: solutions need to be decided by those of us most affected by change. Collectively, we’re facing challenges that require all of humanity’s combined smarts, creativity, business acumen and imagination. We simply can’t afford not to hear form from the right people at the right time – especially those who haven’t gotten their say so far. You can call it activism; we call it a no brainer.

  • Think long-term
    Act now

    The only way to create sustainable change – also and especially financially – is to set a goal that seems impossible, impractical, and very inconvenient. Want to lead the future? Start from the long-term impact you need to create. Then, create a transition plan that takes you there: day by day, step by step, and milestone by

Humans of Måndag

Our global expert collective brings together people from several continents with deep knowledge in the creative and strategy fields, human rights, journalism, culture, politics, DEI, NGOs and circular economy. This allows us to bring new cross-cultural and local market insights in sustainability to everything we do.