Mission text

It is never too late to change course. It is never impossible to change the world, no matter how small you are. In making an impact, it is not about being the biggest – it is about getting your message across. About stepping forward, speaking up and being true to your words. About being honest and open even when it scares you, because that is what inspires confidence.

Nothing is more radical than facts. Our values are the ground rules for everything we do. We work with organisations small or large who we think are clearing the path for everyone towards a better and more sustainable society. Instead of campaigns, we build the future. We put human and environmental rights front and centre in all that we do.

At Måndag we work together with a network of professionals, researchers, specialists and influencers to make things happen.

Marwa Al-Sabouni

Architect and author (Syria)

Katriina Haikala

Artist, facilitator, Concept Planner

Ghassan Jansiz

Architect and Founder of Arch-news.net (Syria)

Paavo Järvensivu

Researcher (BIOS Research Unit)

Meeri Koutaniemi

Artist, photographer, journalist

Sami Kuusela


Susani Mahadura


Emmi Nuorgam


Outi Pyy

Sustainable fashion influencer, speaker

Lyubov Sablina

Blogger, sustainable lifestyle (Russia)

Laura Sarvilinna

Creative Director, Design Consultant

Riikka Suominen


Sami Tallberg

Wild food specialist, chef

Mathias Wickström

Creative Strategist (Sweden)

Idil Gaziulusoy

Professor of Sustainable Design

Elina Hirvonen

Author, film maker, journalist

Mika Johnson

Creative Director and multimedia artist (United States)

Lukas Kauer

Creative Director (Art Rebels, Denmark)

Mirkku Kullberg

Strategy and business developer

Sasu Laukkonen

Restauranteur, chef

Frank Martela

Philosopher, Researcher of Psychology, author

Johan Pihl

Creative Director (Sweden)

Timo Ramu

Thinker, writer, film maker

Sara Salmani

Activist, consultant, producer

Kamilla Sultanova

Public speaker, diversity and inclusion expert

Kira Taimanova

Program Director of St. Petersburg international cultural forum

Ville Tikka

Strategy Director

Timo Wright

Film maker, artist


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