Mustafa Abdulameer

Mustafa Abdulameer

Project manager, producer I’m project manager and person with many plans and big dreams for our world where we can live in peace. I believe that people have the power to change their lives whatever the circumstances are complicated or hard. And, the change should start from people themselves. Thus, through my work I try …

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Shakiba Adil 2020 Måndag

Shakiba Adil

Project manager, producer I am an Afghan/Finnish social-documentary maker, Producer, and Founder of Afghan Women Film Festival-Helsinki. I grew up in Kabul and worked as an announcer in RTA. I have made a number of Documentaries and TV Reportage for ZDF, Yle2, and many other famous National and International Televisions. In my documentaries, I focus …

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Jari Ullakko Måndag

Jari Ullakko

Creative Jari is an internationally awarded Brand Strategist and Creative Director. He brings to Måndag almost three decades of experience in major international brand turnaround projects. Jari helps brands creating shared value by addressing societal needs and challenges with sustainable business models thus making profit. He binds together the communication skills of Måndag with Swedish …

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Noora Shingler Måndag

Noora Shingler

Founder, Editor in chief Noora Shingler is a pioneering blogger and journalist who over a decade has created content regarding healthy, ecological and sustainable lifestyle to web, tv, radio and magazines. She started her career at the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) as the host and journalist for Kuningaskuluttaja programme (Consumer is the King). Noora has …

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Laura Vainio

Creative My goal is to help make valid sustainable choices visible for everyone. I’m experienced in campaign planning and content creation across different digital channels. Working with clients in various industries has given me a broad understanding of different audiences and content that speaks to them. Thanks to my background in social sciences, I tend …

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Arto Sivonen Måndag

Arto Sivonen

Founder, Creative director I am the founder of Måndag, a marketing designer and an urban activist. Over the years, I’ve been involved in a number of projects that activate social change. I would like to renew the terminology that is used in marketing and focus on open communication and the participatory approach to involve people …

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Ina Mikkola Måndag

Ina Mikkola

Creative Olen multitalentti toimittaja ja sisällöntuottaja, joka hallitsee monipuolisesti median eri tasot televisiosta radioon ja printistä sosiaaliseen mediaan. Haluan kertoa tarinoita, jakaa tietoa, inspiroida ja vaikuttaa positiivisesti maailmaan. Koska tämän kaiken voi tehdä monella tapaa, en anna titteleiden rajoittaa ilmaisukykyäni tai ideoitani. Peräänkuulutan avoimuutta niin yksittäisiltä ihmisilta kuin yrityksiltä. Rakastan kaikkia mahdollisuuksia, joissa voi luoda …

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Jan Zapasnik Måndag

Jan Zapasnik

Chief executive officer Jan is a firestarter, incubator, midwife and urban activist, who has given birth to one of the most successful music production companies in Finland, The Fried Music, new generation media company Basso and the industry disruptor, video production company Snacksize. Jan strongly believes in unity, collectiveness and community (calls it “nelosleveli”) in …

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