Think: The CO2 Calculated Sparkles


Have you ever stopped to ponder about the carbon footprint in your bubbly, sparkling wine glass?

Think is one of the first sparkling wines in which the carbon footprint has been calculated in the entire production chain, from the vineyard to Finland. Finally wine enjoyers can find out exactly how much emissions have been made from wine production and transport!  All emissions have been compensated by the trader and producer, Vindirekt. As the name implies, Think arose from Vindirekt’s ambitious will to participate in climate work.

Måndag designed a brand and a social media campaign for Think. In the campaign, Think proves to us that the world can be changed by one glass of wine. It’s a toast for the environment and everyone who cares about it! Also, we’d like to raise a toast for our social media results: we reached a niche audience of 50 000 people, and our CPR was everything between 0,01 € and 0,03 €.

There can be many reasons for raising a glass, small and large. This is also the case in climate action – to make a change we need small and large achievements.