Muistiliitto: Life Behind the Stigma of Cognitive Decline


The estimated number of people with memory-related diseases living in Finland is 193 000. The diagnosis is not the end of their story – as a society we should be able to provide a good life for people with memory-related diseases.

Muistiliitto works nationwide to improve the quality of life of people with memory diseases and their caregivers. They promote the legal, economical and social rights of people suffering from memory diseases, educate the professionals in health care and influence the attitudes towards people with memory diseases.

Måndag is helping to spread their message for a wider audience in order to increase awareness of memory-related diseases. We believe that providing people with right information and real life stories is one of the best ways to decrease the stigma. Together with Muistiliitto, Måndag is creating an impactful campaign that offers new perspectives on memory-related diseases. The campaign will be published during the spring 2021.