MunVaikutus -kampanja

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of Finland: Development aid into concrete impact


There is more talk of development cooperation now than ever before. We have seen it in the headlines and heard it on the news. People want to know how they can help more effectively in the places where the work is needed. However, only few of us really know what development cooperation means – what it has achieved, how and where? We need facts, not just headlines. What the media is often more interested in however, is the shock value. As a result of this, the long-term work of development cooperation has often been hidden under the headlines of war and conflicts.

At Måndag, we are focused specifically on cooperation, not just aid. We help each other, we develop the world together. We need to understand the locals and their needs – aid is not one-sided: through development cooperation projects, opportunities are also opened up for Finnish experts through research, business and international cooperation.

Development policy is an important part of Finland’s foreign and security policy, and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland wanted to update the mental image of it. Together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland we created a campaign that shared the real impact of development cooperation.  We created a permanent page for the campaign, which included real stories and achievements of development cooperation. In addition the campaign had a strong influential collaboration that drives change that goes far beyond a momentary campaign, in order to a change in attitudes and society. #Munvaikutus -campaign is a tool for the future of development work.