Finnish Paralympic Committee: New identity for the activist in sports

Menestys näyttää Sinulta.

Brand story and campaign. In today’s society, individual athletes have the power to start a social movement. It is crucial to turn this potential into action, and to do that we also need influential actors in the field of disability sports. All athletes with disabilities must have a right to self-determine their limits – and the opportunity to test them.

Two organisations that are relevant in this context are the Finnish Sports Association for Persons with Disabilities (VAU) and the Finnish Paralympic Committee. VAU is a non-governmental umbrella sports organisation for persons with disabilities in Finland. VAU plans, executes and develops sports and physical activities for the physically and intellectually disabled, the visually impaired, and transplant recipients. The Finnish Paralympic Committee represents Finnish top athletes with disabilities, and it is responsible for selecting and sending a Finnish team to the Paralympic Games.

Together these two organisations disseminate information about disability sports and promote research and training in this field. At the same time, they do important work to encourage young athletes locally and to raise awareness of disabled people. Måndag is helping them bring together a story, messages and a campaign that represent mutual values and broaden our view of disability sports.