Animal Rights Lawyers: Towards constitutional animal rights


Each of us has some sort of relationship with animals: a childhood pet, grandma’s farm animals, neighbors dog that you had had a chance to look after now and then etc. Our relationship with animals is very individual and personal. This is why our mission has been to let everyone be offered a way to show that they are on the side of animals and our common future.

The goal of animal rights lawyers (Eläinoikeusjuristit) is to change the Finnish constitution so that animal rights are better implemented in Finland. Recognition of animal rights in Finland is a paramount issue and, in addition to the ethical dilemma, it is also a problem strongly related to climate themes. That is why Måndag has been consulting and helping with the Animal Lawyers campaign.

We have helped to create informative content that opens up the points and goals of the bill to the audiences. We’ve also helped create impact and visibility for the campaign through a network of influencers, as well as creating an inclusive and low-threshold campaign to change opinions and actions surrounding animal rights.

The Finnish Association of Animal Rights Lawyers (Eläinoikeusjuristit) is a non-profit organization that works for the recognition of the fundamental rights of animals. The organization consists of Finnish lawyers and jurists. Throwing combines a deep passion for promoting the legal status of animals through juridical and constitutional adjustments. The association was founded on Valentine’s Day in 2018.