Luke Måndag

Natural Resources Institute Finland: Promoting science

Promoting science: What on earth is Luke? 

Natural Resources Institute Finland – commonly known as ‘Luke’ – is a research and expert organisation that promotes the bioeconomy and a sustainable use of natural resources. Luke offers a wide range of testing and production services, ready-to-use packages prepared by experts for training professionals, and licences for Institute inventions, as well as specialist consultant services. Måndag and Luke have begun developing the marketing strategy to be used for years to come. The goal is to make Luke better known among the general public and to start a dialogue with potential partners. At the core of this collaboration is translating the knowledge Luke possesses into something that can be applied in various ways. 

Taking it easy: A sustainable eating campaign in cooperation with Natural Resources Institute Finland, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and Måndag. 

LukeLEADS: Social media planning and internal communications. LukeLEADS is a pitching event held in Helsinki, full of amazing researchers and fascinating research projects on display and streamed to the entire Luke staff at Luke facilities all across Finland. Måndag handled internal communications and social media planning for LukeLEADS. 

The ‘Luke Circles’ event series: Concept and marketing. Luke Circles is a series of events at which Luke’s best experts in bioeconomics share information about the latest ideas, research results and business opportunities in their field. With events held in five different locations, Luke Circles aims to create collaborations with local entrepreneurs and policymakers that result in new research-based business. Through learning and networking, Luke Circles makes research into practice. Måndag helped Luke Circles with its concept and marketing.