Mustafa Abdulameer

Project manager, producer


I’m a project manager and person with many plans and big dreams for our world where we can live in peace. I believe that people have the power to change their lives whatever the circumstances are complicated or hard. And, the change should start from people themselves. Thus, through my work I try to develop the skills of change of talented people that I work with or for.

I’m the head of business program of Startup Refugees network where we help newcomers in finding employment and start their businesses in Finland. We have changed the integration system of immigrants and have created low cost model of integration based on employment and entrepreneurship. I believe that the Finnish value of peace-building, education, and technology can change many people’s lives for good in this world. Especially Middle East and my home country Iraq. Thus, I help cooperates, organisations, and communities in sharing their expertise, services, or products to Middle East.