The Future is African

Africa is the world’s youngest continent and it plays a key role in a changing world, both in terms of climate and human rights – now and in the future. Africa has a great deal of expertise that the rest of the world could learn from. That’s why we need to combine forces and create new ways of cooperation.

Together with the best design agencies on the African continent, Måndag works in collaborative projects to support companies and organisations from both Finland and Africa, latest from Nigeria and Kenya, in expanding their business and creating a bigger, global impact.

With our specific expertise on sustainable development and human rights issues, we help organisations to build sustainability & responsibility strategies and create common operating models for the benefit of people and the environment. We do creative design and marketing campaigns, and help build collaborative networks within Africa and between different continents.

Interested in cooperation? We are currently working on projects in Africa in which we happily welcome new partners. Get in touch! arto@mandag.fi


Our cooperation projects in Africa are funded by Finnpartnership.