Remode: A model for global sustainable business

2020 proved to us at the last that we are more and more connected. What happens in one country is affecting others tremendously.

Remode is a new project that supports companies and organisations from the African continent: Nigeria, Senegal and Kenya and Finland in expanding their business and impact. New ways of cooperation, that are not exploitative, need to be created intentionally to serve both parties. Remode’s main goal is to build shared prosperity through a co-learning experience. It initiates partnerships, develops capacities and sparks new ideas for real change.

Måndag has been helping Remode to build a coherent strategy and brand. We believe there are big opportunities in Remode for both NGOs and companies to learn new ways to collaborate and learn from each other. Ultimately, Remode wants to change the world for the benefit of people and the environment. We share the same goal, so Måndag is also part of Remode’s first matchmaking process. Remode is funded by Finnpartnership.

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