Pure Waste: Sustainability Board for a Forerunner in Recycled Clothing


Pure waste provides responsibly made 100% recycled fabrics and garments. Their mission is to inspire consumers and other businesses and organizations through an example. Ultimately, they are paving the way towards a world without textile waste. Pure waste is one of the first brands offering a calculated carbon footprint for each of their products.

Pure waste and Måndag have something in common: an ambitious goal. We both believe that even the smallest can achieve great changes. We are committed to thinking about the consequences of our actions from as many angles as possible: environmental, human and economic.

To achieve an even bigger impact, Måndag helped Pure waste to improve their brand, strategy and marketing. Together with Pure Waste we created a personalized sustainability board personalized for Pure waste’s needs and goals. The new sustainability board is ready to provide Pure waste with new perspectives and ways to communicate them.