Nomai: The next generation menstrual cup


Menstruation affects half the world’s population, but the topic is still taboo in many ways. During her lifetime, a woman uses on average 12,000–16,000 disposable sanitary pads or tampons, almost all of which contain various plastics and chemicals.

Nomai is a Finnish company that makes reusable menstrual cups from medical-grade silicone, products that serve women for years. Nomai’s challenge was that their products were not very well known to the public, so the company did a content collaboration campaign with Noora Shingler’s media. The highly informative collaboration article, Kuukuppi – menkkojen Tesla (“The menstrual cup: The Tesla of periods”), drew on Shingler’s own experience and was published on the Kemikaalicocktail blog. Traffic from Facebook and Instagram was driven to the blog post. On Kemikaalicocktail’s Facebook group alone, the article reached almost 60,000 readers. Link: