Myssyfarmi: Campaigning on behalf of the Finnish wool


In Finland, wool is widely considered to be an ethical and ecological material, although this is often not the case. In fact, intensive wool production is ethically and ecologically problematic in many ways. Most of the wool used in the clothing industry is produced using intensive methods and sourced from large producers in China, New Zealand and Australia.

In contrast, Finnish wool is the most ethical and ecological wool in the world, but because it is higher in price and people are not aware of the production aspects, they often end up buying cheaper woollen products that are the result of intensive production. Since 2015, Myssyfarmi and journalist Noora Shingler have worked in collaboration to increase the popularity of Finnish wool products and raise awareness of wool as a material. In Autumn 2018, Myssyfarmi and Shingler’s content collaboration entitled Tuontivillasta suurin osa tehotuotettua – kotimaista poltetaan about how the majority of imported wool is the product of intense production while Finnish wool is being burned and buried attracted the interest of both consumers and leading Finnish media (e.g. Yle and Iltalehti).

Very few can offer a combination of journalism and marketing. These two things are usually seen as polar opposites, but Noora Shingler has years of experience in combining the two without selling one’s soul. I think that Shingler’s website and its social media channels are the best way to reach ecologically aware Finns with buying power. This platform always gives us the best commercial effect, even if the content isn’t strictly commercial.” – Anna Rauhansuu, CEO, Myssyfarmi