Matkamessut: The Matka Nordic Flight-Free Travel Fair


Travel and consumption patterns are undergoing tremendous change, and ways to see and experience the world in a sustainable way are needed for both leisure and business travel. However, since this does not always seem so easy a goal to achieve, it is important to bring all existing knowledge together. That’s why the Maata pitkin (‘By Land’) travel fair was part of the Matka Nordic Travel Fair in January 2020. Before then, Maata pitkin had already been held twice: in January 2019 and in May 2019.

Because of its great popularity, Maata pitkin is now part of the Northern Europe’s largest travel event: the Matka Nordic Travel Fair. Maata pitkin provides practical tips for sustainable travel, inspiring travel stories and factual information about the environmental impact of travelling. In addition, designers from Aalto University designed guidelines for future travel during the event itself. Share ideas, discuss, and jump on and off when you feel like it. Welcome to Maata pitkin! The event is planned by the Maata pitkin team, and the project is organised and marketed by Måndag in collaboration with the Matka Nordic Travel Fair.