Mádara: Bringing natural cosmetics to the fore


Journalist Noora Shingler has collaborated with natural cosmetics company Mádara since 2013. The scale of this collaboration is ground-breaking both in Finland and in Europe in how it combines journalism, commercial interests and commission-based content collaboration. Mádara is a Latvian company that makes certified natural cosmetics and works in close collaboration with researchers at the University of Latvia. Shingler has worked as a natural cosmetics tester and journalist for more than a decade and has become one of the leading experts in natural cosmetics and cosmetics chemicals in Finland.

Shingler’s collaboration with Mádara is based on a cosmetics line that Shingler created for Mádara and on her articles, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, trade fair work and peer support for consumers. The collaboration is commission-based: Shingler is paid based on the number of products sold.

This collaboration is an excellent example of how much power social media influencers have in the consumer market. Similar collaborations are waiting to happen. Contact us and we will find the perfect influencer partner for your brand.