Natural Resources Institute Finland, Luke: Making sustainability seen


Natural Resources Institute Finland – commonly known as ‘Luke’ – is a research and expert organisation that promotes the bioeconomy and a sustainable use of natural resources. Luke offers a wide range of testing and production services, ready-to-use packages prepared by experts for training professionals, and licences for Institute inventions, as well as specialist consultant services. Måndag and Luke have begun developing the marketing strategy to be used for years to come. The goal is to make Luke better known among the general public and to start a dialogue with potential partners. At the core of this collaboration is translating the knowledge Luke possesses into something that can be applied in various ways.

Luke has four research programs: Profitable and Responsible Primary Production, Biocycle Economy, Climate-Wise Carbon Cycle, Adaptive and Recoverable Bioeconomy, and Expert Services. The problem, however, is that civil society does not have a clear picture of the various areas or what are the issues dealt within them. From 2021 onward Måndag has helped Luke to make its operations more understandable by producing a visual identity of its areas of activity that open up the content and meanings of the industries. At the same time, they explain and illustrate Luke’s activities and the links between disciplines and world activities.

More about Luke on their website: