Lejos: Designing a roadmap for a future vision of responsibility

Implementing responsible and transparent business operations is a process in which planning, perseverance and active learning are key. Sometimes perceiving these entities is the first step in starting a long-term planned and sustainable business. Fortunately, work does not have to be done alone; often dialogue, brainstorming together and outlining future guidelines collectively can be of great benefit.

Juuranto and its daughter Lejos, is a company specializing in the food import and packaging industry. Its range is known for products that support a better everyday life, as well as a growing focus on sustainable packaging. Måndag has helped Lejos build a strong, research-based, strategy for how the vision on sustainability and transparent actions are delivered in all the operative levels. Together with the company, we have defined the guidelines and priorities that will make the work goal-oriented and a stategy on which future responsibility decision-making will be based.