Pan-India & Pan-Africa cooperation

How do we develop a sense of sustainability that works for all? There is a wealth of knowledge in developing economies that we can all learn and benefit from.


Change Vision
There is a vast amount of talent in sectors such as technology and engineering across Africa and India, but it’s often underutilized and not sufficiently exported. The knowledge and understanding in these countries is exceptional, and their role in building a more sustainable world is crucial. It is important for everyone to learn about and be aware of this potential.

Our goal is to act locally and make a global impact by developing tools that leverage the expertise from India and African countries. Our mission is to ensure that all that talent is not only recognized but also can live up to their full potential. This way, we can contribute to the development of a more sustainable world.

At the same time, we help foreign organizations establish a sustainable presence in different countries in Africa and India. We understand the importance of relevant connections and active collaborations between organizations in these regions, and we strive to facilitate and foster these relationships. Through our extensive partner networks in India, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania, we are able to provide comprehensive support and guidance to organizations looking to expand into these markets.


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