Helsinki Pride: Standing with Pride all year round

HELSINKI PRIDE WEEK: Making room for all the shades of rainbow.

The Helsinki Pride community is a non-governmental organization and expert organization whose goal is to eliminate inequalities in culture, language, values and norms of society. Helsinki Pride is taking over the streets of city and platforms online. Its goal is to bring security of a community to those who are most vulnerable in everyday encounters. It aims to break down discriminatory structures, bring people together and make room for all shades of the rainbow.

From May 2021 onward Måndag has worked with Helsinki Pride on the Helsinki Pride -week campaign. Helsinki Pride is Finland’s largest human rights and cultural event and includes cultural programs, discussions, parties, workshops, peer events, exhibitions and concerts. The event culminates in the Helsinki Pride parade and the Park Festival on Saturday, July 3, 2021. Our work has focused on the social media campaign and implementing the “Pride in Progress” theme year on various platforms. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Måndag’s work has also meant designing clear marketing and communication plans for various hybrid and parallel events.

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