Forum Virium: Using New Data in Environmental Housing


More and more Finns are interested to know about carbon footprints and climate actions. According to studies, housing makes up about one third of our carbon footprint. Heating accounts for the majority, approximately 70%, of the energy consumption of blocks of flats. What can we do about it?

Ilmastoviisaat taloyhtiöt, The Climate-friendly Housing Companies project aims to improve energy efficiency through the utilisation of data collected with the help of IoT. The project provides housing company members, property managers and residents with a basic understanding of how housing companies can collect measurement data, and how it can be harnessed to save housing company costs, improve living conditions and reduce climate impact.

Måndag designed a social media campaign to reach new target groups. Climate issues, data solutions and IoT are somewhat difficult and abstract concepts for many of us, so we kept it informative yet simple and got help from Finland’s most famous talonmies. Watch campaign video here!

The project partners are the cities of Helsinki and Vantaa, who are responsible for the pilot sites, HSY Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, Forum Virium Helsinki and Green Building Council Finland.