Fairtrade Finland: Producers and consumers Reseting the Biz

The purpose of Fairtrade Finland is to make it easy for consumers to choose ethically and reliably monitored products, and to communicate information about the system of Fairtrade certification. Association’s primary function is to support smallholder farmers and the employees of large farms in developing countries.

For the Fairtrade week 2020 we wanted to bring local farmers, experts and employees to the center. Reset the Biz is more than just a campaign. It’s a concept where professionals from different fields around the world gather at the same (online!) table to discuss sustainability, products, business and economics. In the future, it will be increasingly important to listen to the voices of all parties involved in the production chain and to share expertise. So that the products we enjoy now are also available to future generations.⁣

Måndag designed Reset the Biz -concept, facilitated the workshops with professionals from different fields and executed the marketing content together with Fairtrade Finland. Each workshop sparked many unforeseen discussions. What would an ideal economy and business look like to you? What is the right price for our everyday edibles? In addition, all participants were asked what kind of business they would set up from scratch if anything were possible.The end result was a manifesto of the new economy – Fairtrade made even more fair.

Yet this is just the beginning. We want to continue building networks and sharing ideas. Who or what organization would you like to see next involved?