Ekopharma: Future packaging materials


The global plastic problem has caused informed consumers to steer clear of plastic packaging. Doing so has been difficult with cosmetics products, however, as most of them continue to be packaged in plastic, and consumers have few alternatives. For years, the Finnish company Sulapac sought a solution to this. Sulapac’s wood-based packaging materials are fully biodegradable and a serious contender to plastic. The material resists water and grease and is impermeable to oxygen.

The Finnish cosmetics brand Ekopharma was the one of the first to launch a cream in a Sulapac jar. Ekopharma did a content collaboration with Noora Shingler. The resulting informative article was produced as a blog collaboration, with traffic directed to the article from Instagram and Facebook. The article, titled Hyvästi muovi: kosmetiikkaa puupakkauksessa (“Goodbye, plastic: Cosmetics in wooden packaging”), reached 100,000 users on Facebook. Link: http://www.kemikaalicocktail.fi/2018/04/naviter-ekopharma-sulapac/