Dubai Cares: Education that works for all

Education can save us all. It’s one of the most powerful, yet misunderstood superpowers humanity can harness in our fight against the climate crisis.


Change Vision
RewirEd Summit, led by the charity Dubai Cares, is a leading global summit focusing on the future of education and climate action. True to their name, they aim to transform how we think about education – as one of the key solutions to the climate crisis.

The collaboration between Måndag and RewirEd Summit has been instrumental in helping Dubai Cares articulate and communicate its key message: the crucial role education plays in climate action.
For Expo 2020 Dubai, Måndag created a video series that opened the three-day event, inspiring attendees to reflect on global educational issues and work towards positive change. In 2020, Måndag also planned and co-created a set of seven videos together with ‘The Voice of the Youth’,  facilitating writing workshops with youth groups and building stories together around topics chosen by the participants themselves. The youth videos premiered at an event in Dubai in December 2021, attended by over 70 different organizations.
We continue to work closely with the RewirEd Summit, developing their marketing and communication strategy, building collaboration tools and further enhancing the reach and impact of the summit.

The first RewirEd Summit was a resounding success and was hosted for a second time at COP 28 in UAE, now as an official partner of COP. The second RewirEd Summit brought together over 1,000 participants and was the first-ever global summit on education and climate, with 260 speakers from 209 entities and 76 countries uniting to position education transformation at the heart of climate action.