Renewing how we think about the labour market

The models of work are changing more rapidly now than ever before: how, where and what purpose do we work for? The job market also has many rigid structures that hinder its development and should be reformed.

Ami-säätiö (Ami foundation), which was established to boost the functioning of the job market, skills and the success of the Helsinki region almost 50 years ago, was taking a new role. The foundation wants to develop the old structures of work and change how we think about the job market.

A renewing foundation needed a new brand strategy. Måndag helped the Ami foundation to create a fresh strategy with a focus on the future and a solution-oriented approach. Cooperation is one of the core principles of the foundation, but also a tool for generating new research information and insights on the field. As part of the strategy work we defined how to bring the most important actors, people and thinking around the working life together to create the best job market in the Nordics.