Pukhraj Ranjan

044 922 3854

I am Pukhraj, an Indian educator turned entrepreneur who stayed in Finland for love. Over the last decade I have worked with educators, innovators and the global educational community to help children thrive.

In this new phase, I work closely with women-benefitting self-help groups, women-centred craft communities, and NGOs across India through my sustainable clothing brand, Moi Namaste.I truly believe in the human potential to transform our world for the better, and pride myself as a connector. I articulate my personal imperative to work with individuals or organisations to help elevate their potential by creating relevant environments and experiences. At Måndag, I wish to create bridges between India & Finland (& maybe even the world!) where our communal expertise, wisdom and connections flow with ease.

When not working, I am practicing yoga, celebrating stories of Indian craft, culture, community, and educating others about sustainable fashion!