Noora Shingler

Journalist, Influencer advisor


Noora Shingler is a pioneering blogger and journalist who over a decade has created content regarding healthy, ecological and sustainable lifestyle to web, tv, radio and magazines. She started her career at the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) as the host and journalist for Kuningaskuluttaja programme (Consumer is the King). Noora has written a bestseller book regarding chemicals in food and cosmetics, produced a 14 episode wild food webseries, designed her own natural cosmetic product line and produced/script written a 10 episode podcast series about the Future of Food. The journalist also has been working in the team of CosmEthics application, co-Founded by The Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. The app helps consumers understand the ingredients of cosmetic products.

Noora´s blog Kemikaalicocktail (est. 2008) grew during 12 years to be the most popular media in Finland for sustainable and chemical aware lifestyle. Since September 2020 the blog is called NU and Noora is working as the editor in chief for NU at Måndag.

Noora´s goal has always been to improve consumer awereness and inspire people to reach for a more sustainable future. She enjoys to swim and dance, plays the viola and enjoys cooking for friends and family.