Arto Sivonen

Founder, CEO


I am the founder of Måndag, impact driven facilitator and an urban activist. Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of projects that have both started and activated social change.

Old ways of working need to be rebuilt – but what kind of change happens, that’s up to us. I focus on creating shared actions by focusing on radical transparency, open communication and participatory approach. My way of working is to involve people from different fields early in the process.

I’ve worked in advertising for over twenty years, both in Finland and abroad. During this time I have learned to understand different markets, politics, decision making and NGO fields, and to respect collaboration skills and creative work. By going through what I have, I now understand the laws of both the private and public sector, and am able to apply them in today’s world.My main goal is to connect both people and ideas – in hope of either, contact me here: