Anna Sofia Abrahamsson

Chair, Development Director
+358 40 835 0624


I am Måndag’s Chair and Development Director. I am a creative strategist with a holistic view. My goal is to create a movement of change in the (business) world through showing that by working in alignment with the whole ecosystem, organizations can create ridiculously better results and healthier growth.

My background is in impact startups. After spending a few years as Lovia’s CEO, I’ve worked as strategy consultant and board advisor for growth firms through my own company Abraca. Lovia had a pioneering role in taking transparency and circular economy into the world of fashion design.

I’m here to create a systematic change that will turn your organization into net positive – not only financially but also for the environment and for the people. I don’t think there’s any other way to keep growing in the future. Let’s lead the way to that future together, shall we!