RaivioBumann and HELEN Green Infra Måndag

Helen & Green Infra: Building with nature in Helsinki

We need more urban nature to help slow the escalation of the climate crisis. Even small areas in which nature is allowed to grow strengthen biodiversity, which is crucial in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Urban nature also increases a neighbourhood’s visual appeal and can be used for educational purposes as well. The ‘Green Infra’ concept is providing new ideas for ways to counter climatic challenges in urban areas by building with nature. These ongoing projects are examining how cities can build a systematic green infrastructure by optimising the use of space. Now Green Infra is transforming an old lawn in Munkkisaari into a verdant meadow. The concept is based on design thinking and a collaboration between various stakeholders, local residents, researchers and the client, HELEN. The Green Infra concept is a product of the design agency Raivio Bumann. Måndag’s role in this collaboration is to communicate and market the concept.